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Creating a JazzQuiz activity is like any other activity, and may depend on the course format. We assume that the reader has used other activities before, and will only comment on configuration settings below.

A basic, generic Quiz

Creating a new activity in the course, choose JazzQuiz as the activity type. 

  1. Enter activity name (probably equal to the course name)
  2. Optionally add a «description».
  3. The «Default question time» should be considered. It can be overridden for planned questions, but not for improvised ones.
  4. The «Wait for question time» should be left at zero.
  5. The remaining settings are standard for all activities.  They are not necessary and can be left as they are.
  6. Click «Save and Display»
  7. The activity is now created and we can edit the quiz.

We now have a basic quiz ready to run a session. We get the screen to start a session, but there are also tabs to continue editing the quiz, if pre-planned questions are desired.

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