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We hope to make JazzQuiz available in the official moodle repositories, but there are some formalities to resolve first. While we wait, it is already possible to install JazzQuiz from the git repo.

We assume that you already have a working Moodle server. If not, you should consult the official Moodle docs.

Install from source code (github)

  1. Download or clone JazzQuiz from github,
  2. Move or copy the entire JazzQuiz directory to your Moodle installation directory. Place it in the mod subdirectory, and rename it to jazzquiz (instead of moodle-mod_jazzquiz).
  3. Log into your moodle server as an administrator and open the main page.
  4. Moodle should now notify you of the new plugin, and offer to update the database. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.


  1. If using mathematics, make sure MathJax is enabled.
    • Site management → Filter → Manage filters → MathJax: Choose Contents and Headings in the drop down menu.
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