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Construction site. We are currently preparing the first public release of JazzQuiz. What you see here is the start of the documentation for this release. Hopefully, we manage to complete a release by Christmas time 2017.

JazzQuiz is a Moodle activity module for an in-class quiz activity. The purpose of JazzQuiz is to support an open-ended discussion in class, rather than competing for correct answers. Therefore, the auto-grading of answers is not used, and the students do not receive feedback from the system. Instead, all responses are displayed (anonymously) in the teacher view, intended for projector display, so that the teacher and the class together can review and debate the questions.

JazzQuiz is a fork of ActiveQuiz, which provides the conventional auto-graded quiz as a contest for in-class use. JazzQuiz does not aim to replace ActiveQuiz, but to support a very different kind of learning activity.

Notably, JazzQuiz allows spontaneous or improvised questions. The teacher can ask any question verbally (possibly using the blackboard) and use the answering mechanism of a Moodle question type to collect responses from the entire class. Unlike existing solutions, we have the flexibility of Moodle's many question types. During a session, we can easily combine algebra (STACK), free text (e.g. short answer), multiple choice, numeric answers, etc.

In addition to spontaneous questions, pre-planned questions can be drawn from the Moodle question bank as for any other quiz type activity.

JazzQuiz can be used in many different ways to increase two-way communication in a lecture setting. See JazzQuiz use cases below.


Project lead: Professer Hans Georg Schaathun <>

Developer: Student Sebastian S. Gundersen <>

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