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 JazzQuiz was conceived and originally created for use in mathematics modules. Therefore a companion plugin has been created to support mathematical questions.

At the time of writing, it has not been published in the Moodle repos, but can be retrieved from github:

It will be submitted to Moodle in a few days, and we expected it to appear in the repo in due course.

Usage is straight forward. The question edit interface is identical to that of Short Answer, but the students get a maths editor to write their response (WYSIWYG).

Moodle requires a correct answer to be registered when adding the question. Since auto-grading is not used in JazzQuiz, a wild-card can be used. Enter an answer with a single asterisk (*) and a score of 100%, and the question will work fine in JazzQuiz. If you want to use ShortMath with auto-grading, it can be done with syntactic string matching, but you are on your own.

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