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If there are no questions in the quiz, you will be presented with two buttons: Edit quiz and Add improvisation questions.

When there is at least one question in the quiz, you will see a form asking for the session name and a few options.

Click on Start session, and students will be able to join the quiz. The instructor will be shown instructions, until the Start quiz button is clicked.


  1. Click «add improvisation questions». This is enough for your first, fully improvised quiz.
  2. You now get a form to start a session of the given quiz.
    1. Write a name for the session
    2. Click «Start Session»
  3. You get brief instructions, which you can read while the students connect.
  4. When you are confident that the students have joined, click «start quiz».

Students may still join after the quiz has started, but it is good if everyone feel that they are ready when the quiz starts.

Starting the first question