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Starting the session

When you open a JazzQuiz activity as teacher, you can start a session, from the view tab which is default. If you are going to use only improvised questions, there is no need to edit the quiz.

  1. Write a name for the session
  2. Click «Start Session»
  3. You get brief instructions, which you can read while the students connect.
  4. When you are confident that the students have joined, click «start quiz».

Students may still join after the quiz has started, but it is good if everyone feel that they are ready when the quiz starts.

Starting the first question

When the quiz starts, you will have 4 options. Their functionality is as described below:


Opens a dropdown menu where you may select an improvised question to start.

Jump to

Opens a popup window where you may jump to any question in the quiz.


Starts the next question in the quiz. In this case, the first question.


Shows the results in fullscreen. Optimised for viewing with a projector. When a question is ongoing, the results will not appear. This is to avoid students copying answers. The results will be visible once the question is over.

During a question

While a question is ongoing, you will have 3 options. Their functionality is as described below:


Ends the currently active question.

Show responses / Hide responses

Show or hide the responses.




This is when the instructor has the most control. 

Reviewing the answers, the teacher can prune the answer set in two ways.

  1. Clicking the answer itself, dims it, indicating that it should be ignored.
  2. Clicking the bar (counter) starts a merge. The second bar to be clicked will be merged into the first one (adding the counts together).

All of these control buttons are activated:


Start the previously asked question again. 


Initiate a vote where students will be presented with the responses you have selected. Dimmed answers are excluded from the vote, and merged ones will count as one. 


Jump to


Updates the responses. To make sure no answer was left behind.


Show answer / Hide answer

Shows or hides the correct answer for the question.

Show responses / Hide responses


After you have selected the options, click on Vote to start the voting process.

While voting is ongoing, the following buttons are activated:


Ends the vote, and shows you the final results.


Show responses / Hide responses


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