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The teachers interface for CAPQuiz consists of a number of tabs.


For Publishing a Quiz


Two selection strategies have been implemented, but only N-closest is adaptive. Chronological is for testing.


The teacher chooses the desired probably that the student answers correctly ( ). Based on this probability and the student rating, the system determines the ideal question rating.

The system takes a set of questions with rating closest to the ideal question rating. The teacher chooses the number of questions to draw. From this set, the student is given a question uniformly at random.

The teacher can also select a blacklist period, to avoid questions from being repeated. ( ).

Rating system

The rating system is based on the Elo rating system. The questions and the students have different K-factors which can be set independently.


This is where the list of questions is composed. The interface is similar to that of JazzQuiz, with the question list on the left and the question bank on the right.

In the question list, there is a field to change the question's rating. Note that the same question may have different ratings in different question lists. The rating is only updated when the user presses Enter in the input field.


To change the thresholds where new stars are gained.


To change name and default user rating.

The default user rating is the initial rating assigned to new students joining the activity.

Class list

For Reviewing a Quiz

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